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Ceramic Dental Crowns

It is generally well understood that one can achieve and maintain good oral health by taking the appropriate actions to care for their teeth. Obviously this includes brushing and flossing every day, receiving regular examinations and professional cleanings at a dental office, eating well so as to prevent decay and protecting against dental injury wherever possible. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we may try to do everything we can to prevent against oral health issues, it can still sometimes happen that our teeth need repair and support in the form of restorative dental care. Depending on the location and extent of the needed repair, this can include receiving a dental crown.

A Special Type of Dental Crown

A dental crown is a sort of cap that is cemented onto a damaged tooth, and thereafter can only be removed by a dentist. Since the crown becomes an essential part of the individual’s mouth, it must be made to fit perfectly. This is achieved by having an impression taken of the tooth (or in some cases, teeth) after the tooth is slightly reduced in size so that it can accept the crown. Where necessary, a temporary crown may be used to cover the tooth until the permanent crown has been made and can be affixed. The crown’s purpose is to not only cover the damaged tooth but also to strengthen it and improve the appearance of the individual’s mouth.

There are actually four specific types of dental crowns, and while the main purpose and function of dental crowns remains essentially the same, the different types are used for different situations. Ceramic dental crowns are used to restore front teeth as they are made of a porcelain-based material and therefore blend more easily with the natural color of the teeth. This can be especially important to patients who are self-conscious and concerned about having obvious dental restoration. High-quality ceramic dental crowns are comfortable, functional and can last for many years.

Ceramic dental crowns have many benefits, including:

  • They work well for individuals who don’t have a lot of space in their mouth for a dental crown, as they are thinner than other types of dental crowns.
  • They have such a natural appearance that in many cases they are entirely undetectable by others.
  • They are lighter in weight than other types of dental crowns, which means they are often considered more comfortable.
  • They are made of a material that is gentle on natural gum tissue, allowing it to grow back alongside the crown.
  • They do not cause allergic reactions like some other types of dental crowns occasionally do.
  • They do not contribute to hot or cold food sensitivities.

While ceramic dental crowns are definitely a wise choice in many situations, there are some things to bear in mind. First of all, ceramic is not as durable as other crown materials, so it may crack or break where other crowns wouldn’t. Second of all, ceramic crowns can be more difficult to fit, requiring very precise work from a highly trained and experienced dentist. This means that ceramic dental crowns can sometimes have a higher initial cost.

Installing Ceramic Dental Crowns

In order to install a ceramic dental crown the dentist will first thoroughly clean and reshape the tooth, tapering it down so that the crown will fit snugly over the top. An impression of the prepared tooth is taken and sent to a laboratory where the crown is fabricated, which can take two to three weeks. Once the crown has arrived, the dentist will treat the surface of the tooth with an etching material in order to make it rough enough so that the crown will adhere well. The dentist will check the fit, confirming with you that it is comfortable and functional, and then will fix the crown in place using dental cement. After this, it is simply a matter of taking good care of the crown. This includes brushing and flossing as normal, and avoiding those things that put excessive pressure on it. With proper care, it will remain in good shape for a long time, doing its job so well that you don’t even recognize it’s there.


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